Power dressing may be a concept that conjures to the mind images of huge shoulder pads and 80’s pinstripe. In today’s society, it doesn’t have much meaning when we have the Mark Zuckerberg’s of the world going to the office in t-shirts and hoodies day after day. There is a lot to be said for wearing what feels comfortable with confidence, but to the majority of men who are not Mr Zuckerberg, take note -dressing in jeans and a hoodie may be comfortable, but the majority of the time it will look like you don’t care.

So what simple ways can you send signals of power, and earn you some double takes from the right people? Read on to find out…

1. Accessorise

Carefully picked, good quality accessories speak volumes. Don’t believe that people don’t notice – they DO – and it can say a lot about a person.

That doesn’t mean you have to spent thousands just to get people’s attention. A keenly picked pair of shoes or cufflinks, which pick out a colour elsewhere in your outfit, will show you are a conscientious dresser with an eye for detail.

2. The Power of the Power Suit

Studies have proven that people are more likely to trust you if you’re wearing a power suit. By power suit, I mean a dark grey or navy suit and trousers with a light coloured shirt and dark, and simply patterned tie. Imagination is key to making sure you don’t look like a clone of every other man wearing a power suit: maybe choose light blue instead of white, or choose your tie in wool or linen. Make sure you feature red somewhere in your ensemble: in the psychology of colour, red means power, passion and persuasion.

3. Get it Fitted to You

Once you own a suit that truly fits YOUR body, you will notice the difference. Nothing sends more powerful signals than someone who has had their clothes tailored to them. Without even saying a word, you are communicating that you care about your style, which sends a stronger signal of power and status because people know you’re willing to spend good money to make a good impression. And what people don’t know is, it’s very often less expensive than designer options off the shelf. Don’t stop at your suit; this includes shirts and trousers too.

Here at Saint Crispin Bespoke Menswear, we use our extensive experience to create perfectly fitting garments in the best possible fabrics, so you get the respect you deserve. We can even customise your clothing – nothing else speaks luxury quite like a personalised garment.