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Charlie Heyworth

I went to Saint Crispin Bespoke Menswear for a tailored suit to wear for a wedding, however, it also had to be suitable then to wear at school for my Sixth Form studies afterwards. Dean offered great, professional advice and helped me choose all the details on my suit e.g. Working buttons on the cuff, the lining of the suit and even smaller details such as how the buttons on the pockets looked.

I picked up the suit soon after and proudly wore it at the wedding (pictured).

After the wedding I still wear it almost everyday at school. My favourite thing about the suit is how it is so comfortable. It is difficult to get suits to fit my body shape (broader shoulders and a slim waist as I am a swimmer!!) but I got it here!

The wedding was last summer and I’ve just taken the suit back to Dean for some small repairs and a dry clean before another wedding I have this summer. The suit has withstood everything from football games to food fights at school (.. Don’t tell my Mum!!). It’s a miracle that it is still presentable and I can only put that down to the fantastic craftsmanship of Saint Crispin Bespoke Menswear!

Charlie Heyworth 1st May 2014

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